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Bohra Engineering DC Shunts | RANGE : 1 A to 3000 A

Shunts provide an accurate DC millivolt signal to drive ammeter indicators, overload protection and control devices, especially for higher amperage. They supply a voltage drop proportional to the DC current which is measured and indicated by a moving-coil meter with the dial calibrated in amps.

DC Shunts are available in Copper and Brass. Electrolytic section. These are brazed and calibrated to high degree of precision with manganin as the shunting element Range 30A to 10000A. Milivoltdrop: 60/75/150mV Accuracy 1.0 or 1 .5 confirm to IS 1248/83. We are called upon as best direct current shunts.

Product Description

  1. Voltage: 50 mV, 60 mV, 75 mV, 150 mV
  2. Current: 1A to 3000A

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