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ZIP - 343001[INDIA]

Phone - +91-2973-222344

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Bohra Engineering Frequency Meter

Our Frequency Meter is some of our main products that are hugely popular in the industry. We manufacture worlds most modern and advanced technically enriched vibrating reed frequency meter. We are pleased to tell that we are one of the most demanded frequency meter manufacturers and suppliers in India. Frequency.


  1. Size: 48mm, 72mm, 96mm, 144mm
  2. Scale: 90 degree, 240 degree
  3. Voltage: 50V, 110V, 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V
  4. Frequency: 45-55Hz, 45-65Hz, 55-65Hz, 47-53Hz, 57-63Hz, 44-56Hz, 54-65Hz
  5. Accuracy: 1.0, 0.5
  6. Heat resistance: Case of non-combustible plastic material
  7. Fastening: By means of nuts, absolutely safe, fast, robust, side-by-side
  8. Mounting depth: Max 43mm


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