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Bohra Engineering Moving Iron Ammeter and Volt Meter
Moving Iron Ammeter | Size: 65mm X 65mm

These are Meant for Measurement A.c. Quantities. Confirm to is 1248/83 Calibrated for 50/60 Hz.
Ammeter: Range 50ma to 100a Self-contained Higher Ranges Using Ct's Secondary 1a or 5a
Overload Scale 2,3 or 4 & 6 Times Load Can Be Provided.

Voltmeter: Range 15v to 600v Self Contained and Higher Ranges By Use of Pt.

We are Tagged as the Finest Moving Iron Voltmeter Manufacturer and Supplier in India. We Offer Wonderful Range of Moving Iron Ammeter. Our Moving Iron Meter is Available in Various Models and Shapes.


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